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ACMA advertising discount specials for ACMA members only

ACMA members who wish to advertise in the magazine regarding their practice and/or relocations are now advised that generous discounts apply:

10% off for $400 = $360  (quarter page)

20% off for $600 = $480  (half page)

35% off for $800 = $520  (full page)

15th HKABA annual awards dinner 14/10/16

HKABA dinner

Committee members Dr Lydia Huang(3), Dr Richard Heah(5), Dr Evelyn Yap(9), Dr Jane Zhang(10) and Dr Xiu Peng(11) attending the 15th anniversary celebration of Hong Kong Australia Business Association (SA) annual awards dinner on 14th October 2016 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

ACMA Committee for 2016-2017

President:                         Dr Jane Zhang

Vice-President:                  Dr Kien Ha

Secretary:                         Dr Rebecca Heah

Treasurer:                         Dr Earl Lam

Committee Members for Portfolios of:

  • Education: Prof Lilian Kow
  • Publication: Dr Benson Pek
  • Business/Finance: Dr Johnny Wong
  • Social/Recreation: Joule Li & Dr Richard Heah
  • YACMA: Joule Li & Frank Zhang
  • Constitution/Policy: vacant
  • Public Relation/Liaison: Dr Frank Chiu
  • Membership: Dr Richard Heah
  • Welfare: Dr Frank Chiu / Dr Francis Ghan

New Fitness to Drive Standard to be implemented from 01/10/16

For those specialists and GPs involved in assessing fitness to drive, here is an executive summary of changes to the standard:

The entire document is available free online at:

AGM 16/9/16

Thank you all who attended the Annual General Meeting on 16/9/16 at Eastern Garden restaurant at Norwood.

The minutes will be posted here once approved at the next committee meeting on 13/10/16.

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